This is perhaps one of the most difficult questions and decisions any recreational or competitive cyclist can make before purchasing a bicycle.
Aluminum frames have been the most used in the entire history of cycling and many years ago they were offered in the high-end range, today they have been sold with the idea of ​​being “low-end” without looking very closely at the great developments that have been made. had this material and the trend that is coming for its duration and its more affordable prices that make them a great option for the entire market

Aluminum has always been very popular and continues to be maintained – an aluminum frame is for life. It is not easy to crack or bend and that is why we bet every time on this material so that you can enjoy a good product. Here we will share some reasons to choose an aluminum frame:

The difference in weight between a good aluminum and carbon can really be very small, today an aluminum frame can be the same or even lighter than a carbon one, it will also depend on the components that are chosen to assemble the bike. At the weight level, the differences between both materials are less and less.

An aluminum frame can be for life and will maintain its properties over time, it is resistant to shocks and falls. By materials, aluminum is stronger and more durable than carbon.

The price that you will get in any cycling store for an aluminum frame is much lower than a carbon one and it is perhaps with this remainder with which you will be able to invest the money in better components to build a great bicycle, because it will be useless to buy a good frame with low-end components.

The stiffness in the aluminum frames has been improving more and more. Hydroforming has helped to gain additional stiffness, optimizing tube shapes without requiring extra material. With this rigidity you will not be able to have problems when having a descent on the aluminum bicycle.

Aluminum frames are hydroformed, this is a technique used to shape metals through the use of molds and a fluid injecting pressure. This technique is perfectly mastered by many brands to give it an aesthetically clean, beautiful and innovative design which makes it often difficult to distinguish with the naked eye if it is made of aluminum or carbon. The hydroforming process leads to a lightweight, rigid and manageable frame with low weight.

Social and environmental responsibility
The use of carbon frames in bicycles has become increasingly popular, a cheap material that is in great quantity in the world, the production of a frame in Taiwan is not that expensive, the complication of this is that it hides a big problem. Its origin is in graphite, from which fibrous filaments are obtained that are braided, processed and joined with the use of resins to form a fabric: it is carbon fiber.
The use of these resins is complemented with highly polluting chemical products that end up in rivers and seas, once the frame ends its useful life it is very difficult to recycle and they end up lying anywhere. Producing carbon frames becomes a decision of ethics and eco-responsibility with the world.

Few are the brands that have taken the job of general awareness and responsibility. We have been evolving and delivering the best to the public with the products. Each innovation and study that we have done by the hand of specialists and great athletes have helped to have aluminum frames that become the key piece of performance for all riders.