When we want to buy a suspension we must take into account several aspects

🚴‍♀️The first thing is to take into account the modality we do and the framework we have. If we want to go out on uncovered roads, we are not very experts on the subject and we have a rigid frame, the ideal would be a model with 100 mm travel with internal spring system, if we want something better in operation and lighter, a System with an air model, or those that equip 30 mm bars, are much thicker and give us more rigidity in the front assembly, providing greater control of the bike.

🚴‍♀️If we have a full suspension bike and we want to go out on uncovered roads with a bit of descent, a model with travel of 120 mm to 130 mm would be the one. But if downhill is your thing, you need something with more travel like 160 to 180 mm, which would already be Enduro on a full suspension bike with a 70% use going down and 30% going up.

🚴‍♀️But if downhill is your thing, you just want to go down and make jumps a little longer and higher, a suspension with 200mm travel would be the one.

In some brands the thickness of the bars also helps to determine the modality:

👉32 Cross Country bars covering the recreational and competitive cyclist

👉Rays of 34 calls Trail that have travels of 120 to 130 mm

👉36 bars called All Mountain here begins the enduro bars with travel from 150 to 170 mm

👉38 bars special for Enduro with travels from 170 to 180 mm

👉40 bars ideal for descent or Downhill with 200 mm travel