At this time we know that it is very important to stay healthy and free from contagion. Covid-19 has changed the way we live and move in open spaces, that is why it is important that you follow the protocols and be aware that you are a vital part of the health of everyone around you. The contagion curve can continue to rise if we do not follow preventive medical recommendations.

Riding a bicycle is the safest way to get around these days and why not, it is the best long-term transportation option, as it protects our health, our pocketbook and our planet.

But walking in it also has its risks if you do not disinfect it when it is due, here we tell you what you should always carry with you, how and how often to use it

Face mask

The mask is the number one ally against the virus at this time, every time you leave home you must wear it and make sure that it covers the nose and mouth correctly, some last 3 times, others 10, others 20; you need to know how many to be sure they still work for you. Remember to put them on and remove them from the elastics that go in the ears so as not to infect them with your hands. Make sure to wear it while riding your bike too.


If you are going to use surgical gloves remember that they can only be used once and discarded, in that aspect they are not very practical. If you use cycling gloves, you should wash them constantly because every surface you touch can have contaminants that can remain on your hands when putting them on or taking them off. It is best not to wear gloves and wash your hands regularly.


Alcohol is ideal to protect your bike, use it on the saddle or tortoise, on the handlebars and any other surface of the bike that you should touch. If you leave your bike in a parking lot, remember to disinfect it before getting on it again. If you don’t have alcohol, you can use soap and water when you get home.

Hygiene gel

If you are far from the destination and take the opportunity to do several errands, use the disinfectant every time you have contact with someone or any surface until you can get to wash your hands with soap and water, and remember not to touch your face with your hands in no time while you’re away from home.

You should also clean the soles of your shoes when you get home, change your clothes and if possible take a shower or disinfect the exposed parts of your body. Remember that the responsibility belongs to everyone, let’s take care of ourselves and make the contagion curve decrease.