If you are thinking of buying a bicycle, you have probably already realized that there is a wide variety of models and a wide price range

The first step to start ruling out options is defining your needs.

4 questions to define your needs:

What am I going to use it for?
A bike to enjoy on weekends or to go to work or college is not the same as a road bike or a mountain bike, each one is used for different things and one does not work for everything. It is important to know the modalities, differentiate them and choose the one that best suits your needs or desires.

Road, MTB, Cyclocross, Gravel, Urban, Hybrid, Foldable, Touring, Triathlon, E-bike, Track, BMX

Think ahead, not just the current need
It is important to think about whether you are going to dedicate yourself to pedaling for sport or hobby, this will define the material of your bike and its components. It is important that you consult in specialized stores and find exactly what you are looking for so that the bike can meet your expectations and demands.

Frequency of Use
Are you one of those who goes out every eight days to make funds of five hours or more, or do you just need a bike to go to work? Will you ride your bike to the mountains up and down uncovered roads or will you travel long distances on flat terrain? Do you need extra help or will only your legs give you the necessary power? All those questions are important and must have a clear answer

Your budget
The budget is also one of the variables that most influences a purchase decision. Of course, if you are going to buy your first bicycle, you will acquire the one that you can afford. But if you’re not in a rush and the one you really need costs a little more than what you have on hand, wait a bit and try to save more money.

In this way, you will buy not only what you can afford but also what you need. Thus, you avoid future frustrations

Bike Size
This is a key point when buying your bike. The most advisable thing is to go to a specialized store and ask the advisers for help, they will help you find a bike of your size. Each type of bicycle has criteria for selecting the appropriate size, choosing the correct size is essential to achieve a higher level of effectiveness and performance after each pedaling, in addition to avoiding injuries and chronic pain.

Parts & Accessories
Are you ready to know what you are going to complement it with?

A bicycle is almost always sold only with the parts absolutely, but that does not mean that with that you have everything you need to get the best out of it, from the moment you unpack it onwards, it is up to you what you add to your bike.