When choosing the place to buy your bike or to take it to maintenance, many doubts arise, which place will be safe? Where will you sell original parts? Where to find a trustworthy workshop?

All those doubts are valid, a good investment must be supported by a good place. In a good workshop they advise us which bicycle is the one that suits us, depending on the modality, height, components and above all, the budget. With a good distributor we can talk about our needs, and concerns, and the professional who attends us indicates the options. There are places where mechanics are constantly updated, with courses and monographs of the largest brands they have in the establishment, something extremely important for good advice

To find out about the GW distribution stores, you can contact us via Instagram Facebook or directly at the WhatsApp service line on the website. We have an extensive list of allies in almost every corner of Colombia and some more internationally.

On the other hand, one of our allies, Shimano, also has support lines through its social networks and its website, and its distributors around the world can be found at this link https://bike.shimano.com/es- ES / information / distributors.html

They also offer educational courses with certification in brand technology, very useful for distributors and cycling experts. If you want to see more information about the certifications you can do it in this link http://s-tec.shimano.com/region

Do not stay without knowing the benefits of finding a trustworthy store and workshop, contact us.

Do not hesitate to consult everything you consider appropriate, because buying a bicycle is an investment that you will enjoy for a long time.

Finally, before acquiring it, also take into account the time you have to dedicate it to periodic maintenance care and the space you have to store it, its duration will depend on this.