Finding the right bike is not easy, much less when you are already clear about what you want to achieve or when you are looking to change the one you already have, there are thousands of options on the market and it is easy to get lost among so many bikes. Here we give you several points to keep in mind when looking for a mountain bike, but remember that the most important thing is your preferences and tastes.


To handle the bicycle on unstable terrain and slopes, it is advisable to consider the weight. The best are those that weigh little, since they are more manageable and easy to carry and make it easier for you to move with them.


The material the bike is made of is a key factor. Aluminum is the most recommended if you do not want to spend more on a carbon one, this is also quite popular and currently there are some very light weight and quite resistant.


Perhaps the most important part of the bike, it supports weight and adapts to the terrain. You must find the tire engraving according to your needs and the inches needed to reach the required speed.


For the bike to adapt perfectly to you, it is essential to find the right size according to your height, the length of your arms and legs, it is best to go to a store and test it to make sure you choose the right size.


A good suspension allows you to achieve the necessary cushioning and protection for the terrain you are rolling on. Some have front suspension, some have front and rear suspension, and some have no suspension.


As in all bicycles, the price range is quite varied, and if you are building one according to needs and tastes it will go up more, it is important that you make the right decisions and save enough to meet your expectations, remember that a bike is a companion for many years.

The second part to take into account is the type of mountain bike, that will depend on the modality you practice, here the most popular are

Rigid frame. With front suspension, cross-country or cross-country mode. They are the simplest, ideal for amateurs or cyclists who do not want to get complicated on uneven terrain.
Double suspension. Front and rear, cross-country mode, full suspension increases comfort and control for rougher terrain
Enduro. Double suspension, enduro mode. This modality is practiced on difficult surfaces with wider wheels
Decline. Downhill mode. This modality requires going down at full speed through difficult terrain.

Depending on the modality to practice, you should consider the components, starting with the suspension, spring, air, front, double, second brakes, v-brakes, hydraulic, disc, and groups, perhaps the most difficult if you practice for various terrains.