Today we celebrate Olympic Day, a party that is lived around the world in order to invite all people to be active with sport, and there is nothing better than celebrating it with those who have inspired and motivated us for many years to be. better, to take care of our health and above all to overcome any obstacle that we face in life to pursue our dreams.

2020 was a year of great changes, a pandemic came to transform and postpone competitions that we all dream of, such as the Tokyo Olympic Games. Athletes and brands were ready to make the whole world vibrate with excitement.

For months where everything stopped, except the heart, athletes such as Mariana Pajón, Carlos Ramirez and Vincent Pelluard, continued training from their homes, in order to seek to be the best and to reach those jousts they dreamed of so much. An illusion that grew every day and that today has become a reality. Three Colombian champions who achieved their place in the Olympic Games and who today, only 30 days before the competition that they have waited for five years, speak to us for the first time about their struggles, challenges, sacrifices and achievements.

A path that has not been easy at all but that they have been able to overcome thanks to the support of their families, friends and the accompaniment of GW Bicycles, we have been by their side, supporting them in all their processes, listening to their needs and expressing their ideals in a framework that brings advantages to achieve your Olympic dream.

Athletes who, before that, are humans who feel, who live a normal life and who also fall and get back up on and off the tracks, who sacrifice every day to deliver triumphs and happiness to an entire country.

“Athletes always fight to win, to succeed to achieve that goal we want, but we never seek recognition or be famous, or have our public life and I was not prepared for that, I was prepared to win, I visualized that first medal but not what came later to my life, it completely turned me around and I understood that everything had to be with more responsibility and more measured because your life is on everyone’s lips and everyone will be able to comment on what you do or stop doing but that is part of what you chose to do, it is not what we are looking for, sometimes that is more difficult than the same injuries ”, says double Olympic gold medalist Mariana Pajón.

Mariana Pajon

And it is that for none of them it has been easy to get to where they are, they have been years of strong roads next to a bicycle that becomes that inseparable companion in any adventure.

For Carlos Ramirez – Olympic bronze medalist at the Rio 2016 Games – everything has been worth it, “it’s been years and years preparing you for those 32 seconds that are going to change your life, seconds that sometimes give you a lot of joys and other times sadness. . I have been very competitive and I have always liked being among the best ”.

Carlos Ramirez

And to be among the best, nothing easy can be, the most difficult thing has always led them to go further to know their limits and to grow more than as athletes, as people, to challenge themselves more and more every day.

Vincent Pelluard is one who has given up and taken difficult paths to be where he is “at 15 I left everything, even my family to go to the high performance center and focus on BMX; and now I have left my country of blood to be in my country of heart (Colombia) where I am happy to be able to contribute many things both professionally and sportingly, very valuable experiences that have helped me to grow ”.

Vincent Pelluard

For Mariana there have already been three Olympic cycles of great transformations both on a personal and professional level next to her bicycle, the perfect friend who has accompanied her in her greatest triumphs.

“Your bicycle is finally your companion for adventures, for challenges, it is the one that helps you achieve something, for me it is very important, we have been developing the bicycle for many years, that first bicycle of the London Olympic Games, of so many developments, So many prototypes were worth it, I think nobody had a bike like that, and we have continued working to build that machine made for winners ”- says Pajón.

“It is a Colombian brand that I wanted to take to France as well, a brand that has had great results, a brand of champions that has been accompanying me for seven years” .- Pelluard

At GW we have not stopped a second of fighting like them, to support cycling worldwide, supporting more than athletes human beings with dreams and great goals that push the brand to develop products that accompany their triumphs and that also can be found easily in cycling stores.

And as our brand also seeks to grow and support not only Colombians but also world athletes, our company