This is the formation of a #MadeforWinners route team

The boss of the team, for example, carries a great responsibility. He is the most complete of the squad and is the one who coordinates the race strategy with the sports director.

Next to him is the co-leader, who shares responsibilities with the head of ranks and comes in to support him if he needs it. He has fewer charges than the squad leader, but he always has to keep an eye on how the race unfolds. He’s like the team’s technician

The gregarious, on the other hand, must sacrifice for their boss, protect him and help him in difficult moments (puncture or fall). If an opportunity presents itself, he can achieve some recognition within the career. They must also carry liquids and food for their companions. They are very important in road cycling, because whoever aspires to victory needs them. In this team are the launchers (of the packer), rollers (chase leaks) and breakers (they break the group in the ascents).

The time trialist is also essential in the team. He is the fastest against time, he needs a lot of concentration and perseverance to fight against the clock.

The packer, who needs the pitchers – whose function is to take him to his wheel until the last meters of a stage – allowing him to arrive better located to dispute the stage. The main characteristic of it is the explosion in the final meters of the fraction. They are known as sprinters.

And the most important part of the team: Doctor, psychologist, mechanic and masseuse